The APO's 20 member countries have almost one-third of the world's population. Globalization, economic development, and industrialization have been widening the target group for APO activities. Because the demand for the training of human resources continues to increase, the APO has been diversifying its approaches. Recognizing the need to intensify its productivity drive and expand its reach to cover as many productivity stakeholders as possible by utilizing IT platforms, the APO started offering e-learning courses. They have been so well received after recent IT advances in member countries that this initiative has injected new life into productivity promotion efforts.

e-Learning courses are offered by the APO in a variety of formats: videoconferencing, Web (Internet)-based platforms for live sessions, and self-learning e-courses.

e-Learning Course for Basic Training or Orientation

e-Learning courses provide dual advantages. First, they broaden the APO’s outreach. Second, they identify participants with outstanding performance, who are then selected for multicountry, face-to-face advanced training courses to consolidate their learning.