Grace Cruz

Dr. Grace T. Cruz is a professor of demography at the University of the Philippines Population Institute, University of the Philippines Diliman. She has over three decades of academic and research experience, primarily centering on demographic research, with a particular emphasis on the aging of the population. 

Dr. Cruz was involved in three national studies of older Filipinos. Presently, she serves as the Project Investigator for the Longitudinal Study of Aging and Health in the Philippines (LSAHP), the first longitudinal study on aging conducted in the country. She was a co-project investigator of the 2007 Philippine Study on Aging. 

Dr. Cruz holds a Ph.D. in Sociology, a Master’s degree in Demography, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Statistics (cum laude), all earned from the University of the Philippines. She also completed a diploma program in Population and Development at the Institute for Social Studies in The Hague, Netherlands. Dr. Cruz has several publications, with the majority of her recent work centered around the subject of population aging.