Muralidhar Shenoy

Mr. M.K. Shenoy is a mechanical engineer with expertise in the design and analysis of flows in energy systems. Since 1992, he has carried out several prototype design validations using modeling and simulation techniques and product development projects in the USA in the automotive, aerospace, defense, construction equipment, and appliance sectors. He has also conducted process improvement projects and training programs in the fields of reliability, maintenance, and energy conservation for both public- and private-sector utility companies, chemical and process industries, and other manufacturing enterprises. With his knowledge of productivity and energy conservation, he developed an application suite allowing in situ analysis of the overall performance of process equipment and heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems to be performed on smartphones and PCs. In addition, Mr. Shenoy has recently published a manual-cum-guide to assist engineers and technicians in conducting proactive maintenance in energy-intensive chemical and process industries.