Course description:

This is a practical course on the application of green productivity based on ISO14001 Standards. It covers pretty much “the how to” elements of the subject. It starts from outlining basic understanding on several basic notions to the application of green productivity tools for adopting the standard. The details are below:

Module 1: General Concept and Overview of EMS: ISO 14001

Module 2: Understanding the EMS Standard ISO 14001 I (Scope, Terms, Definition, and Objectives)

Module 3: Understanding the EMS Standard ISO 14001 II (Principles and Fundamental Elements of EMS) and Quiz

Module 4: Understanding the EMS Standard ISO 1400 III (Implementation of EMS: Policy and Planning Steps)

Module 5: Understanding the EMS Standard ISO 14001 IV (Implementation of EMS: Operation, Checking and Correcting, and Management Review Steps)

Module 6: General Concept of GP and Interrelation between ISO 1400 and Quiz

Module 7: Application of GP Tools to Adopt EMS: ISO 14001

Module 8: Final Exam

Course Objectives:

This course will facilitate the learning process of the participant on the topic of ISO 14001: Environmental Management System (EMS) and understand how an EMS should be implemented in an organization utilizing the Green Productivity (GP) approach.

Important Notes:

1. Participants who register to take this course and pass the final examination with a score of 70% or higher will be eligible to receive the APO certificate. Please note that the final examination can only be taken once. Therefore, you decide when you choose to take the examination. Please note that the self-assessment quizzes are for your own evaluation and have no connection with the final examination results.

2.  The above is applicable only to participants from APO member countries. Participants from nonmember countries are welcome to take the course for self-improvement, though they will not get an opportunity to attend the follow-up face-to-face multicountry APO projects.

Course Duration in Hours: 72 hours
Skill Level: Beginner
Upcoming Course: No
New Course: No