Sounman Hong

Dr. Sounman Hong is the Underwood Distinguished Professor at Yonsei University in the Republic of Korea. His areas of expertise include public finance, performance management, and digital government. Dr. Hong is keenly interested in how new technologies including AI can help businesses and governments around the world. He has built several AI platforms including HongGo, which plays the boardgame Go. HongGo competed for the Computer Go UEC Cup in 2022, and anyone can play against it at the OGS server for free. You can find some recently developed AI apps at

Dr. Hong holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy and PhD. from Harvard University, and a BA from Yonsei University. Before pursuing graduate studies, Dr. Sounman worked for global consulting firms including PwC and McKinsey & Company. Dr. Hong has received numerous international academic awards including the Beryl Radin Award, Joseph Wholey Distinguished Scholarly Award, Carlo Masini Award, and Enel Endowment Prize.