Joo Tan

Dr. Joo-Seng Tan is Associate Professor of Strategy, International Business & Entrepreneurship at Nanyang Business School, Singapore. He has been actively involved in executive leadership and management training and development since 1995. His expertise on global leadership, cultural intelligence, cross-cultural negotiation, business model innovation, and leadership in the age of disruption is sought after by Fortune 500 companies. He has consulted for both public- and private-sector organizations, including large multinational corporations as well as SMEs, in diverse industries. Dr. Tan was the country expert for Singapore in the Asian Global Leadership Competency research project sponsored by the APO and recently served as the lead resource person for the APO Digital Multicountry Training Course on Productivity in Service-sector Organizations. A multiple award-winning educator, Dr. Tan has been a visiting research scholar at Cornell University and visiting professor at Chuo University, Tokyo. His current research interest relates to how businesses and leaders address opportunities and challenges unleashed by the Fourth Industrial Revolution (AI, blockchains, digital transformation).