Mogens Thomsen

Mogens Thomsen is a Scandinavian entrepreneurship expert, author and digital publisher of startup information on web and apps. He loves to promote the entrepreneurial mentality, as he believes it releases energy and sets one free to create value for one self and others. He holds a Master in Public Management from the University of Southern Denmark.



He is an expert in advising entrepreneurs and disseminating entrepreneurial knowledge. 10,000 hours have been spent on it. Hundreds of personal advice sessions, lectures and teaching form the background for his published books, websites, start guides and apps. His material has been published in Danish, English, Spanish, French, Vietnamese, Chinese and Portuguese.

For the last 20 years, hundreds of thousands of Danes and entrepreneurs around the world have used his business information to develop their businesses.


Mogens Thomsen has cracked the code of start-up: He asks all the right questions. The readers’ reflections, answers and effectuation are the path to success in small business.

Over 10 years, he was a chairman and manager in the Danish fair-trade organizations “Import from Developing Countries” and Fair Trade Labeling Denmark. This practical knowledge from social enterprises is transformed into teaching, counseling and other forms of knowledge dissemination. He thinks it is rewarding to work with entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in their society and the world.


THOMSEN BUSINESS INFORMATION is his company where he works with:
► Development and distribution of usable entrepreneurial information on digital platforms
► Education, counselling, speeches and participating in project that has to do with entrepreneurship