Yutaka Haga

Yutaka Haga is an Associate Professor, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology (TUMSAT), Japan. His research field is fish nutrition, juvenile production of fishes, and development of skeleton in fish. Dr. Haga has actively participated in research and educational services. His research focused on development of sustainable fish feed using microalgae, insect meal, etc as well as better understanding of metabolism of essential nutrients such as LC-PUFA and taurine. His major interest is how fish obtain different metabolic ability of nutrients during ontogeny and evolution. Better understanding of fundamentals of different metabolic ability can provide insights into manipulation of metabolic ability of food fish to enrich health benefit nutrients for human consumption. He is also interested in ontogenic development of skeletons in fish. He coadvised for more than 40 master course students, and 5 doctoral course students. His laboratory members won presentation award from International Symposium of Fish Nutrition and Feeding, and World Aquaculture Society.
Dr. Haga received a Ph.D in Fisheries Science at Tokyo University of Fisheries (the predecessor of TUMSAT), Japan in 2002. He works for Center of Marine Biotechnology, University of Maryland, in 2013-2015 and Fisheries Laboratory, Kindai University in 2015 as postdoctoral fellow.
He published five book chapters, several articles on magazines, and more than 60 papers on peer-reviewed journals such as Aquaculture, Aquaculture Nutrition, Aquaculture Research, Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, etc. He co-authored more than 230 presentations, and was given Young Scientist Award from Japanese Society of Fisheries Science in 2010. He is a member of editorial board of Aquaculture Science. He was invited as speaker of nine international scientific meetings held in Brazil, Portugal, Belgium, US, Czech, Malaysia, Mexico, and Chile. He collaborated with institutes and universities in several Asian countries such as Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.