This e-learning course helps learners to understand how digital technologies could be adopted by smallholder farmers. The objectives are to understand the key roles and applications of digital technologies for smallholder farmers, learn about digital solutions from the planning to postharvest phases in agricultural production, and become familiar with innovative postharvest solutions including marketing, logistics, and sales linkages.

Module 1: The concept of digitization and the digitalization framework for smallholder farmers.
Module 2: Agri-input digitalization solutions to access and use high-quality inputs.
Module 3: Monitoring and decision-making through data-based technologies at the production stage.
Module 4: Innovative harvest and postharvest solutions through digital market linkages.
Module 5: Advancing digital technologies for smallholder farmers in Asia.

Course Duration in Hours: 10 hours
Skill Level: Beginner
Upcoming Course: No
New Course: Yes