Course Description: The APO has been promoting the concept of Green Productivity (GP) since 1994, where the focus is to enhance productivity and simultaneously reduce negative impacts on the environment.  GP leverages various productivity tools and techniques to help organizations improve their quality, occupational safety, and environmental management, which meets the purposes of certain established management systems.  An integrated management systems (IMS) is thus suggested to address the quality, environmental, health and safety requirements of an organization more effectively.  By combining existing management systems, an IMS is with well-defined goals and objectives, a detailed implementation plan, and measurement on performance involving third-party auditing, which will help organizations to improve their overall productivity and reduce environmental impact.

Course Objectives: To enable participants to understand the principles and effective integration of quality management systems (ISO 9001), environmental management systems (ISO 14001), and occupational health and safety management systems (ISO45001) with an understanding of Green Productivity and approach to implementation.

Important Notes: ISO 45001 is currently under development; the module is prepared based on the latest information.

Course Duration in Hours: 40 hours
Skill Level: Beginner
Upcoming Course: No
New Course: No