Course Description:
The purpose of this e-course is to equip workshop participants and other APO professionals to learn about concept details of management of innovation in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) so that they can. apply the concepts of management of innovation in their work and also to train other associates in the technique and innovative practices..Management of Innovation, the focus on this course, is a process that enables SMEs to develop competitive ability that helps in developing innovative components of an organization including products, processes and policy structures. These can then be used to aid long-term planning. Well-designed innovative polices can propel an enterprise to a next level of growth In so doing, they can help inspire readers to take action in line with the changing business environment. Innovation is considered as one of the important phenomena in the 21st century’. It provides a path for entrepreneurs to think out of box and increase their competitiveness. Firms need to develop new products, at least on occasion, to gain competitive advantage. The rate at which they are capable of developing new products has been linked to performance and long-term survival. Management of innovation is not about just advanced process rather it is about rethinking in a creative manner to develop a new process or new product which will reduce cost and increase value to the stakeholder. Management techniques can be defined as combination of techniques and methods that provides a competitive edge in the changing business environment. Management of innovation is a practice, one that is best learnt by doing rather than in a classroom. Even during through this course, someone, somewhere must be innovating a new way to develop products or trying to figure out a new way of doing things. Those taking this e-course should not expect to be full-fledged innovators but rather to learn about the key concepts and principles used in managing innovation. This e-course will facilitate participants in the applying management of innovation in day to today activities. The course is structured into seven modules covering concept, main elements , process, barriers and application of management of innovation.
The 7 modules are:
1. Concept of Management; of Innovation
2. Process of Innovation;
3. Barriers of Innovation;
4. Innovative Strategy for SMEs;
5. Open Innovation for SMEs;
6. Overview of Emerging Trends
7. Case studies on Sectoral Innovation

There is also included further reading list. This e-learning course includes seven interim quizzes and one final exam.

Course Objectives:
1. Equip participants with the fundamentals and principles of management of innovation in SMEs as well as explain its relevance, approaches barriers and sectoral case studies; and
2. Develop the capability of individuals to set forward-looking strategic directions in application of management of innovation for the future.

Course Duration in Hours: 40 hours
Skill Level: Beginner
Upcoming Course: No
New Course: No