Shaharum Ashaari

SHAHARUM ASHAARI is a consultant who specializes in Productivity and Quality Improvement initiatives such as Six Sigma Strategy, Lean Thinking and Kaizen with clients spanning from Public Service Sector, Automotive, Electronics, Travel Agencies, Food and Beverage Industries, ICT, Academia and Insurance Agency.

Shaharum’s career started as a Quality Engineer cum Six Sigma Black Belt with an electronics manufacturer. During his tenure-ships with the organization, he has supported the organization to deploy the Six Sigma culture into its business systems and worked hand in hand with the organization’s clients in implementing Six Sigma projects.

Two and half years later, he joined automotive industry as a Six Sigma Black Belt where he had further opportunity to experience Six Sigma and also Lean Thinking deployment in different manufacturing, diversifying his experience in implementing improvement projects which include process efficiency, product compliance, material localization, product enhancement, energy and material conservation etc. He has been described by the management team as energetic and persistent in exceeding the organization’s objectives living the continuous improvement culture.

With a modest 14 years of working experience, he has consulted a number of organizations to implement continuous improvement initiatives and techniques into their business culture. He has accumulated years of experience in Lean Six Sigma deployment in various types of industries; customized the approach to suit different process disciplines such as procurement processing, insurance underwriting, software development, research and development.

To recognize his capability and contribution, Shaharum has been awarded as Malaysia Productivity Specialist by MPC and APO Honorary Certified Productivity Practitioners.