Sanath Sukumaran

Dr. Sanath Sukumaran has over 22 years of experience in providing training, consulting, coaching, and advisory services for a broad segment of industries. His areas of expertise are knowledge management, agile transformation, learning and development, and human empowerment. His passion is assisting individuals and teams in achieving agile ways of working, focusing on team empowerment as the basis for productivity improvement. Dr. Sanath is a sought-after speaker at global conferences and other events due to his ability to connect, make ideas palatable, and positively influence stakeholders. In 2021, Dr. Sanath was involved as a resource person by the Asian Productivity Organization (APO) based in Tokyo, Japan. He has also served as an Atlassian (world largest's agile tooling company) Community Leader for Malaysia since 2021.

Knowledge Management
After receiving a PhD in Knowledge Management, Dr. Sanath established Agile Management Consultancy to partner with Knoco, a knowledge management pioneer. Since 2016, Agile Management Consultancy has been Knoco’s sole representative for Malaysia and Singapore. Dr. Sanath has undertaken numerous knowledge management consultancy projects in the public and private sectors.

Agility at Work
As an agile coach and a certified agile practitioner, Dr. Sanath has developed boutique training and coaching modules for more than 25 organizations across a broad spectrum of industries, including three Fortune 500 companies.