Hiroshi Tachikawa

Mr. Hiroshi Tachikawa has more than 15 years of professional experience in training and consulting in the fields of green productivity including green supply chain and green procurement. Mr. Tachikawa conducted a number of management, sustainability and environmental, health and safety risk managements (e.g., supply-chain resilience) on behalf of a number of major multinational manufacturing/non-manufacturing corporations including those in the textile, automotive, steel, metal-processing, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, pulp & paper, oil and gas, petrochemical and semi-conductor sectors mainly in Asia.

In addition, he planned and provided a number of training and workshops as a course director on behalf of HIDA. The activities were provided to approximately 1,500 participants. Also from the MFCA-related consulting activities, cost reduction of approximately USD 2 million has been achieved in six countries.

Also, Mr. Tachikawa is a technical expert on behalf of Japan for an international environmental management standard (ISO TC 207) on the green supply chain (ISO 14052).