Prof.Jin-Wook Choi

Jin-Wook Choi is a professor in the Department of Public Administration and Director of the Institute of International Development Cooperation at Korea University, Korea. His expertise includes government regulation, the political economy of corruption, e-government, public sector reform, and official development assistance (ODA). Professor Choi has actively participated in academic and non-academic work. He has published numerous journal articles and book chapters on topics such as anti-corruption reform, the economic impacts of regulatory policies, HRM and HRD reforms, and ICT-driven changes in the public sector. He has served as a member of committees of the Korean government including the Performance Appraisal Committee of the Ministry of Finance and Strategy, the Regulatory Reform Committee of the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Science and ICT, and the Policy Committee on National Competitiveness of the Ministry of Finance and Strategy to name a few.

Professor Choi has managed an array of projects for the Korean government as well as for other governments such as Indonesia, Morocco, Tunisia, Ghana, Myanmar, and Bangladesh. The projects for which he worked as a consultant are related to diverse dimensions of government and public sector reforms.

Professor Choi received a B.A. and a M.A. degree in Public Administration from Korea University and a Ph.D. in Political Science at the University of Chicago.