Nomita Sharma

Nomita Sharma is working as Assiatnt Professor in University of Delhi. She has earned her doctorate in ‘Management of Innovation in SMEs’ from Department of Business Economics, University of Delhi. She specializes in management of innovation in Small and Medium Enterprises. Management of innovation is not about just advanced process rather it is about rethinking in a creative manner to develop a new process or new product which will reduce cost and increase value to the stakeholder. Management of Innovation techniques can be defined as combination of techniques and methods that provide a competitive edge in the changing business environment. She has been associated with Asian Productivity Organization, Japan since 2017, as a resource person for several videoconferencing courses on the topics like ‘Management of Innovation in SMEs, assessment of innovative tools to name few for the member countries of APO.

She balances her passion for research with teaching where she believes in sharing the learned knowledge with students, professional colleagues workshops and training programmes. Her research interest includes but not limited to management of innovation in SMEs, different barriers faced by SMEs and strategies to manage barriers, sectoral innovation, innovation process, diversity and management of innovation, impact of industry 4.0, sustainable innovation and related areas of innovation. She has published various research papers, articles and book chapters in reputed national and international Journals like International Journal of Innovation Management, France Forum, Springer book Entrepreneurship in the Middle East and North Africa – Dynamics in Trends, Policy and Business Environment, Springer book “Globalization in Developing Economies, to name a few.

Some of her research papers include, ‘Influence of Innovation on Mechanisms of Institutional Change- A Global Perspective, Management of Innovation in Developing Economies, India as a Paradise for Start-ups, Legend or Reality?, Innovation for Survival : Entrepreneurial Response of Indian MSMEs to Demonetization, Management of Innovation in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Innovative Behaviour of Indian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises: An Empirical Study’ etc. to name a few.