Saliza Saari


  • Specializes in Productivity and Quality Improvement initiatives such as Quality Environment Training, Lean Thinking and Kaizen with clients spanning from Public Services Sector, Automotive, Electronics, Government, and Academia
  • With a 14 years of working experience in MPC, has given training and consulted a number of organizations to implement continuous improvement initiatives and techniques into their business culture and environment. Accumulated years of experience in Lean Management in various types of industries; customized the approach to suit different process disciplines such as procurement processing, licencing process in government, services etc.
  • Delivered quite a sum of training related to quality topics such as Innovative and Creative Circle, Lean Thinking, Lean implementation in Services, Lean Management, Problem Solving Technique, Interpersonal Skill, 5S Training and 5S Auditor Training, and Design of Experiment etc.
  • Has 3 years’ experience in managing and become an auditor quality management excellence award and Prime Minister Award and 10 years of project management in quality environment implementation in various industries. Has experience becoming quality judges for innovative and creative presentation.
  • Certified SME Business Counsellor from Japan-SMIDEC, Auditor and holds Master in Knowledge Management from MARA University of Technology, Malaysia and Bachelor Business Management from National University Malaysia.