Vijayender Nalla

Dr Vijayender Nalla

Vijayender is the founder and content director at Agribusiness Academy. Prior to taking up entrepreneurship in 2009, he has worked at Nyenrode Business University, Netherlands, National Institute of technology, Warangal India and several other places. He has a master’s from Indian Institute of technology Chennai and PhD in Supply Chain Management from Nyenrode Business Universiteit Netherlands.

Over the course of his entrepreneurial journey he has worked on several disruptive food chain projects in Europe, Asia and Africa. Value chains of the future, business model innovations and technology innovations for creating added value out of potential food waste are his favorite content topics.

He has a wide range of expertise and publications in Agri-tech, Food-tech, New Food and Urban Agriculture space. He has designed and developed several curriculum’s and content with more than 25 experts from around the world.